SUBIACO STREET PARTY 2020 – Expression of interest form – Click here!

We are currently updating our systems.  Our General Expression of Interest Form will be back here shortly!  In the meantime, feel free to contact Jemma if you have any queries.

Local Businesses, Charities, Sporting Associations and Schools wishing to participate as a stallholder at our Community Festivals and Events, please complete the above STALLHOLDER EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FORM and we will make contact with you when local events arise in your area, giving you the opportunity to participate as a local.  Any questions in regards to current events please email us here


Recognising the role we play in contributing to a sustainable healthy future, we insist on eco-friendly food packaging, cups, straws and cutlery.  No Single Use Plastics, No Polystyrene, No Plastic Balloons, No Helium filled Balloons, No Plastic Condiment Packets, No Plastic Straws, No Plastic Promotional Materials.

Fighting the war on waste and plastic, we are keen to limit the sale of goods packaged in single-use, un-recycled plastic vessels and encourage participants to seek eco-friendly alternatives from suppliers such as Lady Bug Balloons, Eco-Straw, Vegware, Biopak, GreenPackEnviroBren.

We no longer permit the sale of single-use plastic bottled water at our events and promote the following as an alternative. IT’S NOT PLASTIC – Bringing you Australia’s first bottle made from 100% plant-based materials. Curbing emissions, stemming the tide on plastic waste, and offering a step in the right direction for us all.


We support local and Fair Trade, organic, chemical free, no animal cruelty products and preference is given to vendors fostering sustainability, health and wellbeing.  Live lighter, Act Belong Commit.

We seek and promote activations and new ideas for renewable energy, solar, battery, wind. bio-fuel and people power.

In 2020 we aim to have NO SINGLE USE plastic at our events and with everyone’s involvement, look forward to achieving this.


We promote Healthy Eating and require food vendors to include a healthy food option on their menus as well as reduce the sale of  Sugary drinks (e.g. soft drink, energy drinks) encouraging healthier options.

Seeking fun, clever, crafty, creative, makers, designers, producers locally made and fair trade, recycled and up-cycled artisans and market stallholders to join us at our UpBeat Events Street Festivals.





Prices for Stallholders vary depending on the event and can be found in the StallHolder Expression of Interest form.  If successfully selected for an event, you will be emailed a Stallholder Booking and Info form which will include the stallholder prices and event details specific to that event.

If you’ve read or completed our Stallholder Expression of Interest form and still have questions, please email us at
















Vendors are unable to cease trading or pack up their stall and leave during the event for safety reasons. Should there be an emergency that requires you to cease trading or leave the Festival, you must inform Festival Management before doing so. Slow trade is not a valid or acceptable reason for departing the Festival.
All vendors will be required to bump in during their allocated time frame and be ready to trade at opening of the festival; All food vendors and their equipment including bread crates, oil cans and non-biodegradable waste must have left the site during Bump out. NO EXCEPTIONS.
All vendors and staff will be expected to abide by the Festival WH&S policies and procedures relevant to the food vendor. You and your employees should be covered by Work Cover. UpBeat Events will not be liable for injuries to you or your workers on the way to work or while carrying out their work activities. All workers on all stalls MUST BE OVER 18.

If you do not pay by the due date, you will be excluded from the event and your position will be allocated to someone on the waiting list. We will not guarantee attendance or the amount of business you receive. Vendors agree and understand that there is no guarantee in the profits made.

An Invoice will be emailed from UpBeat Events and payment should be made within 7 days of receiving the invoice unless arranged otherwise. When making payment please quote your invoice number in the reference.
All fees will have 10% GST charge added.
All payments must be made in Australian dollars.

Cancellations must be received in writing no later than 10 days prior to the events. No refunds. No substitutions will be accepted.

Stallholders will be provided with an empty site space. You are required to provide your own stall structure, flooring and equipment including signage, lighting, seating, leads and power boards, all equipment must be suitable for all weather conditions. If you choose to hire equipment from individual hire companies, you must be onsite for delivery. Participants will need to provide their own tables, chairs, tablecloths and decor. Your business name should be appropriately displayed
All trestle tables must be covered and we encourage you to decorate your stall with colourful furnishing and battery-operated or solar lights to add to the night ambience. Sites must be clean and well presented.   All boxes, bags, trolleys, packaging, etc must be out of sight at all times.

*On occasion, participants may be required to sell any/all sponsor supplied beverages at the event. Participants must sell at the price agreed. Leftover stock will be returned to the sponsor and invoices will be issued accordingly.

Only the person/business named on the Stallholder Agreement Form may trade from that site on the day and only the products/items/services specified in Registration Form are to be sold. If you wish to add or modify to your specified list you must notify us by email prior to the event for approval.

Participants should not leave stall areas unattended for long periods of time. You may bring another person to assist you with your stall on the day and if you require further assistance please contact the event organisers.

Stallholders must provide own 3X3 metre marquee and Marquess must be weighted down as per your marquee manufacturers guidelines. UpBeat Events have a small number of Marquees available for hire at $100 plus GST per 3X3 Marquee ($25 extra for sides) which includes set up and take down. Please get in early if this is a requirement.

Participants need to be well prepared for all weather conditions (heat, wind, rain, etc). We take no responsibility for inclement weather. It is recommended that you provide your own waterproof sides for your marquee for extra protection in case it is required on the day.

You are required to have your own Public Liability Insurance (minimum of $10m of public liability cover for market stalls and $20m public liability cover for food vendors) and a certificate of currency, It is your own responsibility to provide Product Liability Insurance.
UpBeat Events and the Stallholder Management accept no responsibility for any damage or injury to any Stallholder’s personnel, equipment or property before, during or after the Event.
Stallholders must submit a copy of current Workers Compensation Insurance or a letter stating why there is an exemption.
Stallholders are responsible for their own personal security and property.
Stallholders are responsible for their own float and cash handling management.
Stallholders are responsible for any injury or damage to person or property that occurs while bumping in/out or during the Festival which arises from the Stallholder’s own fault, act or omission; and
Stallholders release the Stallholder Management, Festival and any other agents involved, from any claims, actions or losses arising from the Stallholder’s own fault, act or omission during participation of the Festival.

Participants need to be well prepared for all weather conditions (heat, wind, rain, etc).
Food Stalls must operate under a Marquee. Marquees must be as per temporary food permit regulations with marquee sides and the sides must be in place at all times during the event at night.

A temporary food business permit (single or annual) is required to trade on public or private land within the Town of Victoria Park, under the Activities on Thoroughfares and Trading in Thoroughfares and Public Places Local Law 2000.
Go to to complete your online temporary Food Application. We will be in touch with the Council to confirm your application. Any Questions please email

They must also complete and attach to this form the relevant Temporary Food Application Form and abide by all conditions and time frames detailed in the local Town/Shire Temporary Food Premises Guidelines. BLANK Temp Food Application forms can be found at Council website page. Forms must be attached to this form. Applications will be coordinated with the council via UpBeat Events. Temporary Food Application fees are on top of Stallholder/Sponsorship fees. Please ensure your credit card details are included on your temporary food application form in order for the Town/City to charge you for the permit.

The requirements for handling food for sale for human consumption are outlined in 3.2.2 Food Safety Practices and General Requirements and 3.2.3. Food Premises and Equipment of the Food Standards Code. These are on the Food Standards Australia New Zealand website at The requirements also apply to pre-packaged food and low-risk food. All food vendors are required to operate in compliance with the Food Act 1984 and the Australian and New Zealand Food Standards code. Including appropriate sanitisers onsite, thermometers, separate hand wash stations, sufficient flooring and walls.

Successful applicants must bring a copy of a food safety plan to the festival, so the Food Safety Inspector can see it. Your plan must relate to your catering activities undertaken at the Festival. You may not use a Food Safety Program relating to a permanent building, or another food operation.


You will need to provide your own hoses, attachments, sinks and pumps for both hand wash and wash up stations. Access to water will be provided in the Bump In Map. We will NOT be providing a wash-up station, you must provide your own sinks, we will ONLY be providing access to clean and greywater.

Food Vendors and Sponsors power requirements need to be provided in this booking and agreement. application. Stallholders / Markets are not provided power.
External generators for food vendors brought onto site must be documented in this form.
All adaptors, cables and cords must be professionally tested and tagged (additional charges of $35 per item will apply if items are untagged and require tagging on the day).
Food Vendors and Sponsors must indicate on your application form if you require power to be supplied by the Festival and you must list all power items you will be using. If additional power is requested after your application has been placed or during the event, you will be charged. All leads, power boards and electrical equipment MUST BE TESTED AND TAGGED. The electricians will destroy any leads that are found to be untagged. On-site testing may be able to be arranged, however charges for this will be at a premium, or you may be prohibited from using the item all together. Please be aware that our electricians will be extremely busy during set up, and this additional work may cause delays. It is important you also mark what each power cord identifying what it is connected to so issues can be recognised quickly. Food business operators should ensure there is a sufficient supply of electricity for food handling activities, particularly for hot/cold food holding and heating water.
WorkCover requires electrical appliances and leads to be tested at least annually, and identification tags to be attached.
Gas should be installed by a licensed gasfitter and comply with the appropriate provisions of Australian Standards AS 1596-1997 and AS 5601-2000. A current compliance plate should be attached to the vehicle for new installations or for any changes made to existing gas appliances.
Gas-fired appliances used in the open should not have a gas bottle greater than 9kg capacity, and the bottle should be secured so that it cannot be tipped over.
Gas bottles must be pressure checked.
A fire extinguisher and fire blanket should be supplied in any vehicle or stall where cooking or heating processes take place. Operators should be able to extinguish small fires if needed. Fire safety equipment should be easily accessible. The extinguisher should be suitable for dealing with the type of combustible materials present. Fire safety equipment should be tested annually and have current tagging in accordance with Australian Standard 1851. Contact Fire and Rescue WA for more information.
All measures should be taken to satisfy the requirements of WorkCover WA to protect the health, safety and welfare of employees and visitors at the event. Contact WorkCover for more information

All participants/stallholders will be required to wear enclosed shoes while bumping in/out and while operating the stall.
All stallholders must carry out a risk assessment on their activities and provide plans to manage and mitigate those risks.
The Stallholder understands the hazards and risks associated with their activities and have an established system and procedure for managing the WH&S risks. This includes a recently inspected and approved fire extinguisher.
Site speed limit of 8kph to be observed at all times.
All machinery operators to have current operating certificates carried on their person at all times (if applicable.)
Persons working outside to have sun protection at all times – shirt, pants, hat and sunscreen on the exposed body.
Enclosed footwear to be worn at all times.
No person to work while under the influence of alcohol and/or other drugs.
No person to lift a load greater than 20kg without assistance.
No person to work at a height of 2.4m or greater without a fall arrest system.
Persons working in an area where work is occurring overhead to wear hardhat protection.
All incidents to be reported immediately to UpBeat Events Head Quarters or Stall Holder Manager.
Stallholders are responsible for the safety of staff, crew, suppliers, other agents involved and members of the public at the Stallholders must submit a copy of current Workers Compensation Insurance or a letter stating why there is an exemption.
Stallholders are responsible under the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2000 and its regulations to ensure the health, safety and well-being of all who come in contact with their stall site.
Stallholders understand that they participate in the Event at their own risk. Stallholders take full responsibility for any injuries or damages involving them that may occur during the Event. Stallholders release the Stallholder Management and it’s representative’s UpBeat Events, and all other agents involved, from any claims, rights of action or cause of action.
Stallholders must comply with all relevant laws, Australian Standards, regulations and guidelines that are applicable to the Event including Occupational Health & Safety legislation and food health requirements.
Approved food stalls will be required to supply their own fire extinguisher suitable to the materials in their stall. The fire extinguisher must be tagged – even if it’s brand new!
It is the responsibility of each Participant to ensure their site area is kept clean, tidy and clear from obstruction at all times. It is up to Participants to bring their own wash facilities if required.
Oil spills, liquid or food spills within your site area should be cleaned up and washed away upon departure.
Participants are required to remove and appropriately dispose of their own waste post-event. Failure to comply may lead to declining applications of site space for those responsible for future events.
Participants are responsible for the safety of the public within their allocated stall area and for the safety of their products sold.
Participants must ensure their marquee, tables, displays and signs are adequately secured at all times and marquee to be weighed down correctly.
Walkways should be kept clear and stallholders should report any hazards to the organisers immediately. Participants must complete an “Incident Report Form” (available from the organisers) for any accident or incident involving third parties within their allocated stall area.
Dangerous liquids/flammable materials are not permitted within the market area.
You are not permitted to have candles (or any open flame) in your stall space unless you are a candle business and are performing a demonstration, with a clear risk management plan in place.
Animals/pets are not permitted with you in your stall space.

At our Festivals, environmental considerations are an integral part of our business practices. As part of this commitment to the environment, suppliers are obligated to reduce the environmental impact of their products, services and waste emissions. The guidelines set forth by the festival include the following areas:

Please ensure you use only compostable materials e.g.: serving plates, cutlery, cups etc. Only compostable serving items will be allowed. Please note we will be conducting site audits to ensure you comply with this request. These items will be available to order via our supplier, a link with these details will be sent to you once your application is approved. Any items that may have a negative environmental impact on the festival site are banned e.g.: single-use plastic, lollipop sticks, glow sticks, plastic straws etc.
Where practical, we encourage the sourcing and use of locally grown and produced products. The use of these products reduces your carbon footprint and therefore the footprint of the festival. However, we understand that because we encourage diversity, sometimes this may not be achievable, so please let us know if the uniqueness of your product does not enable this.

Packaging which is not essential to the use, distribution, retail sale, storage or safety of your products should be avoided. Packaging or utensils which are essential for these purposes MUST BE constructed from 100% renewable resources. For example compostable corn starch cutlery.

Where compliant with health and other regulations permit, and where practicable, packaging should be designed for re-use. For example:
• to be re-filled at your stall with the same product;
• to be returned to your stall and be re-used; or
• to be re-used by our patrons for the same or a similar purpose.

In your application form please list additional ways you are demonstrating your commitment to minimising your environmental impact to improve your chances of selection.

Please ensure you clean up before you go. If you leave – or if it looks like you’ve left – milk crates, bread crates, oil drums, gas cylinders or other large waste behind you will be charged a $500 fee.

No pre-packaged drinks or drinks sold in PET containers are allowed. ONLY compostable products, canned non-alcoholic beverages to be sold by vendors. Homemade drinks in compostable cups are fine.
Non-recyclable packaging of any kind, cigarettes, body piercing/tattooing service, pets/animals, studded leather/studded products, permanent tattoo service, professional still cameras, laser lights, drones, paint and spray cans, fireworks, plastic products/bottles, water pistols, weapons, milk crates and bread crates must be secured, Styrofoam and other environmentally unfriendly products. Any products that can be used as a weapon are banned from our event. Do not attempt to sell or give away any of these products from your stall. Any stalls found with these products will be closed down immediately and excluded from future events. Any stalls that leave behind a mess will be required to pay a waste fee of $500.

With the help of traders, patrons, staff and volunteers, UpBeat Events Festival want to become sustainable event managers. Being sustainable means that we not only plan for waste minimisation but that we also monitor practices throughout our events’. This means that the basic guidelines stipulated by the festival will be followed by each of our traders otherwise they risk the chance of not being invited back.

Your role begins by providing only biodegradable (compostable) packaging to patrons and ensuring that only reusable, biodegradable or recyclable products are used within your stall (note that only plastic codes with the ID code 1 through to 7 are recyclable at this event).
It is essential that you:
Avoid polystyrene (Styrofoam), plastic bags, plastic straws, single-use plastic sachets – THESE ITEMS ARE BANNED.
Use cardboard cups for hot drinks and paper or compostable plastic cups for cold. DO NOT SERVE DRINKS WITH A LID UNLESS REQUESTED. Lids must also be compostable.
Use compostable serving ware or reusable crockery instead of plastic or paper disposable plates.
Correctly place items into the composting, recycling and garbage bins.
Use packaging that is reusable or constructed from renewable/recyclable sources.
non-compostable packaging and serving ware is BANNED.
Avoid unnecessary packaging. e.g.: offer bulk condiments; do not offer plastic straws or plastic bags.
Provide reusable items where possible.
Helping with litter control – Stallholders are responsible for litter around their site.

Any stallholders who fail to comply with the above sustainability policies may be forced to cease operations until compliance is achieved. This will cost you valuable trading hours so please do the right thing in the first place. This includes following all directions from our waste management group, the Green Team.

We support local and Fair Trade, organic, chemical-free, no animal cruelty products and preference are given to vendors fostering sustainability, health and well-being.

While we have security on-site, it’s unlikely to be focused on your particular stall. Wrap up and secure your stall as best you can. Remove items of value that are easy to steal. The festival will not be held liable for any items that go missing or are stolen. It is your responsibility to ensure all hire equipment gets collected.

Due to the nature of this event (continual updates and changes going on in the background) – Site allocation information, Bump in / Bump out details and parking information is sent out no later than 2 business days leading up the event.
This is the most testing time of day for everyone so please be understanding, patient and kind to one another.
While we try to accommodate everyone as best we can you may not be able to drive right up to your stall, so bear this in mind. If you are able to park and trolley in where-ever possible that would be very helpful!
When following the Bump in Bump out plan, please ensure you unpack all of your items and drive your car off-site BEFORE setting up. This will make a great difference to everyone on the day!

For more information about stalls, please contact